Brazilian company promises to revolutionize urban spaces

"Tree" with solar energy "leaves" competes for world award in Germany.

Produced in Flores da Cunha - Brazil, the OPtree (Organic Photovoltaic Tree) promises to revolutionize the use of urban spaces. It is a tree that captures the solar energy through organic photovoltaic films in its "leaves".

The third generation of solar cells converts sunlight into electricity. The urban furniture comes from a partnership between Metalco do Brasil, a manufacturer of high impact urban furniture - and Sunew, a pioneer in organic photovoltaic films.

Imagem: Divulgação/SUNEW

The innovation can be installed in public squares, parks, museum gardens, among other places. The energy is generated in an independent and sustainable way, being able to power bulbs, mobile phone chargers or internet routers. The product can also be a meeting point for friends and a way to put the population in touch with innovation and sustainability.

“The first version of OPTree is competing in March for a world innovation award at LOPEC in Munich (Germany), the largest organic electronics fair in the world”, proudly announces Fábio Massochini, director of Metalco.

Source: Pioneiro < > by Silvana Toazza