About Us


Founded in November, 2015, SUNEW was born with a commitment to change the paradigm in the solar energy industry in the country and around the world. We emerged from a convergence of the efforts of CSEM Brazil, FIR Capital, BNDES, Tradener and CMU to design the best infrastructure in the world for the production of Organic Photovoltaics, also known as OPV. This entirely Brazilian-owned company, grew up with the objective of revolutionizing the solar industry in Brazil and around the world, through partnerships with entities such as FIEMG, FAPEMIG and the Government of Minas Gerais.


FIR Capital
CSEM Brasil

SUNEW has access to benefits, incentives and financial resources, such as FINAME


Executive officer with 20 years of experience, Tiago occupied leadership positions in start-ups and in multinationals such as IBM, BellSouth and ARM. He completed his MBA (First Honors) at the University of Cambridge and the Leadership, International Business and Innovation Management programs at Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley. He also has a masters degree in Marketing and an Electrical Engineering / Physics degree.