The award, promoted by the Media Group and Full Energy Magazine, pays homage to the professionals in such as Innovation, Management, Sustainability, among others. The personalities that stood out the most in the event in the Brazilian energy sector in 2017 took the stage on the day December 11.

The event, already known as the “Energy Oscar”, was attended by more than 400 people. A grand solemnity, which ended with a golden key the schedule of major events in the sector this year. Tiago Alves is the current CEO of SUNEW, Managing Partner and Member of the Board at FIR Capital and Director at CSEM Brazil. With 20 years of experience he has held leading positions in startups and multinationals such as IBM, BellSouth and ARM. He completed his MBA (First Honors) at Cambridge University and the Leadership, International Business and Innovation Management programs at Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley. He also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Electrical Engineering.