On August 20th (Thursday), the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) promoted a exclusive debate forum for members, where Sunew’s CEO Tiago Alves was one of the guest speakers, addressing the theme “Councils’ strategic agenda: environmental, social and governance issues in a practical approach”.

The theme’ s relevance

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) themes have been getting increasing attention and investment in recent years. It is important not only to reinforce projects within these areas, but also to treat them in an integrated and strategic manner by the companies’ board councils.

This edition of the IBGC Debate Forum aimed to present the investors’ view on how they select investments in organizations in Minas Gerais and Brazil  and achieve results with a more wide-ranging focus on these themes.

The IBGC Debate Forum

The event holds several editions dealing with relevant topics related to the business area, which are defined by a curator/mediator. To discuss them, speakers with extensive knowledge in these areas are invited. The events can be directed both to the external public and to IBGC members and guests. In order to participate in future online lectures focused on this second group, it is necessary to join the IBGC’s website.