The Organic Photovoltaics technology, fruit of years of research, is responsible for the latest achievement of Sunew: the Eco Brazil Award.

“Having our product recognized for a consolidated award at age 35 is proof that we really came to change already established concepts, “says Sunew CEO Tiago Alves. And the recognition of this work has been recurrent, from being nominated as one of the three most innovative startups in the world in the Start Up Energy Award, as well as hoosing the CEO as one of the most influential energy entrepreneurs.

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In total, 102 projects were enrolled in the ECO Brazil Award from 82 companies (large, medium and small or micro startups) into two categories: processes and products and services. The Sunew project was one of the 36 winners. “It is gratifying to see that the time devoted to the development of this product has been perceived by the industry and also by opinion makers, “concludes the CEO.

This year, the organization of the event received a record number of registrations and, therefore, decided to increase the number of award-winning projects. They are evaluated by three jurors who specialize in the subject have no connection with the company. In addition, all companies, regardless of their size, compete equal footing, since the project is based on a text of up to 25 thousand characters. So the secret is knowing how to report in words the innovation presented.

Altogether, 50 jurors participated in the evaluation of the projects. Amcham provides a platform with all collection of projects presented in 35 years of award.


The Eco Brazil Award is an initiative of Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce) and of Estadão. Released by Amcham in 1982, the ECO® Award was a pioneer in the recognition of companies that adopt socially and generated a rich reflection on sustainable business development in Brazil.

The name ECO, the fusion of the words company and community (empresa and comunidade in portuguese), translates the interest of its creators in making it an instrument of corporate commitment to social development. Over the years the ECO Award has gained recognition for the anticipation of trends and for its positive influence on the commitment of companies to the theme of sustainability. It has already mobilized 2,064 Brazilian and multinational companies, which registered 2,563 projects, of which 225 were awarded.