SUNEW wants to build a better future for the next generations. It is for this purpose that we developed the technology of OPV, the solar panel technology with the lowest carbon footprint today. We generate clean energy through the sun, working with sustainable and recyclable raw materials. Now, the idea is to engage our customers in our purpose, offering the opportunity for everyone to create a better world together.

Thus, we contacted SOS Mata Atlântica, a Brazilian environmental NGO that works to promote public policies for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest through biome monitoring, production of studies, demonstration projects, dialogue with public and private sectors, environmental legislation, among other actions.

From this contact we signed the partnership in which a tree will be planted for each square meter of OPV by the program Forests of the Future. This program aims to bring organized civil society, private initiative, landowners and public power together in a participatory forest restoration program.

By signing this partnership, we intend to increase our chances of building a sustainable future by investing in the conservation of the country’s most endangered biome.

With the planting of native seedlings we will be contributing with the objective of promoting the recovery of the Atlantic Forest, the conservation of biodiversity, the protection of water resources, the quality of life of the surrounding communities and the compensation of CO2 emissions.

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