Sunew will participate in a public hearing of the Federal Senate’s Environment Commission to discuss the theme “Green profits: how Brazilian companies have become prosperous and competitive while preserving the environment.” The audience is part of the Green June program of the Senate and will take place next Tuesday, June 11, at 10:00 am.

Tiago Alves, Sunew’s CEO, will explain how the OPV technology will contribute to the energy transition in the world, as well as to the combat of global warming. With a low carbon footprint in all processes of the production chain, each square meter of OPV ceases to emit 120kg of CO2 per year. The OPV is already revolutionizing a lot of distinct markets with clean energy generation in buildings, urban furniture, electric and hybrid vehicles, smart cities, and other niche markets that do not want to stay out of this transition.
“The OPV is an innovation that boosts the global trend of Green Buildings, a concept that seeks to neutralize the carbon footprint in urban centers. It’s a worldwide growing market and we are proud to globally lead the number of OPV installations through a fully sustainable production chain”, says Tiago Alves.