Investing in clean energy is fundamental to foster the sustainable development of the planet, encouraging environmental protection and ensuring the quality of life and well-being of people (especially future generations).

Regardless of the source – solar, wind or biofuels, for example – the use of renewable energy is an indispensable factor to reduce the emission of pollutant gases, preserve natural landscapes (with the reduction of extraction processes), control the greenhouse effect, among several other benefits.

Addressing this topic is important to promote and spread the word, as well as warning about the urgency of the switch to clean energy sources and how they have a positive impact on the future.

With this in mind, Sunew was invited to episode 5 of the SustentabilizeCast! podcast and explained how reducing the costs of renewable energy deployment is important to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and make it even more popular.

On top of that, Felipe Braga Ivo, Sunew’s Business Development Director, presented an overview of what the government and private initiative can do, relating to the company’s main solution.

The podcast is in Portuguese, you can stream it on Spotify!