Sunew, the world’s largest organic OPV manufacturer, has partnered with Transportadora Americana to enable the load to perform all of its essential high-performance functions without relying on the cabin.

The pilot project, which began in August, aims to test the new technology in organic solar energy to achieve maximum performance in safety (GPS and exhaust system) and battery and fuel economy. In this way, the load is bonded with the organic film, capable of absorbing diffuse sunlight. The energy is converted by means of an electronic system, which distributes it to the necessary compartments. “Unlike conventional structures, which need to be connected to the battery to ensure operation, the models with the technology of the film allow the driver a safer, more comfortable and economical trip,” explains Sunew’s Business Development Director Filipe Ivo.

According to Celso Luchiari, director of TA, technology has a low cost in terms of benefits “One of our operations requires safe carts with electronic locks. With this technology the energy supply happens independently to the cabin, avoiding problems with locking the doors and loss of system configuration. We gain time and agility in the transfer processes.”

Luchiari adds that he hopes to increase the pilot project soon, reaching up to dozens of vehicles. “It’s really easy to imagine a near future where all our vehicles can be sustainable and efficient.” The technology of OPV (Organic Photovoltaics) is the only one suitable for this type of application, because it is flexible because the rubber is not impacted by the movement of the vehicle on the roads.

General Advantages:

• LIGHTNESS – Does not overload the structure;

• FLEXIBILITY – Unique solar technology capable of resisting the vibrations twists that the semi-trailer is submitted, adapting to the structure as it moves;

• ENERGY – alternative clean energy independent of the operation of the engine or any other external source.

The OPV generates energy from the solar source to power systems such as GPS, ABS brakes, exhaust system, among others that can even operate autonomously.

• AUTONOMOUS EXHAUST SYSTEM – Prevents the temperature increase of the chest and possible losses of sensitive products, such as medicines, food, and chemicals; • GPS – Tracking of the semi-trailer by means of an independent horse system, potentially reducing cargo thefts;

• ENERGY AVAILABILITY – Power system for multiple uses independent of the connection to the horse and the motor drive;

• SAFETY ILLUMINATION – Maintenance of signaling lights even with the engine off;

• BATTERY – Increase truck battery life

• FUEL ECONOMY – Indirect fuel economy by using the photovoltaic power source to power systems.

About OPV 

Organic photovoltaic films, also known as Organic Photovoltaics (OPV), are the third generation of solar cells, capable of generating electricity from sunlight. It is a thin, lightweight, flexible film, with different degrees of transparency and highly customizable in terms of color and format.

About Sunew 

Inaugurated in November 2015, Sunew was born with the commitment to change the paradigms of the solar energy industry in Brazil and in the world. It is the result of the convergence of efforts of CSEM Brasil, FIR Capital, BNDES, Tradener and CMU to design the world’s largest infrastructure for the production of Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Films. 100% Brazilian company, it has partnerships with entities such as FIEMG, FAPEMIG, and Government of Minas Gerais.

About TA

A family-run company, with 76 years of experience in the road, air and warehousing segments, with a strong presence in the South and Southeast regions of the country, TA has great experience in all the skills of the transportation sector. loads. A pioneer in adopting technological solutions, recognized for investing continuously in training professionals, it is a benchmark for the market.

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