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Smart Buildings

In buildings, the OPV can be integrated with various conventional building materials such as facades, windows, skylights, tiles, brises and so on. This new intelligent and sustainable building modality has the characteristics of energy efficiency, with the use of surfaces for solar energy generation, reduction of the thermal load, management of luminosity, besides adding value to the property by giving a unique design and points in green certifications.GET TO KNOW OUR CASES

  • fachada da sede totvs em sao paulo com filmes fotovoltaicos OPV
  • (PT) claraboia com filmes fotovoltaicos opv

Urban Furniture

Organic Photovoltaics can be integrated into different urban structures, delivering sustainability, energy and design for smart cities and off-grid solutions. This type of application enables citizens to remain always connected and in all everywhere, without causing harm to the planet.GET TO KNOW OUR CASES

  • OPTree RockInRio 2017 fabricada pela Sunew
  • ponto de onibus inteligente feito em parceria entre sunew e mmcite
  • optree no estadio mane garrincha feita pela sunew no encontro de municipios para desenvolvimento sustentavel


Due to its lightness and flexibility, OPV can be easily integrated into cars, trucks, trailers and buses, bringing energy efficiency. The technology is the only one that can withstand the oscillations to which vehicles are subjected. In addition to reducing fuel costs, the OPV can be used to power auxiliary systems such as GPS, exhaust, cooling, and other electronic systems, even with the vehicle's engine turned off.GET TO KNOW OUR CASES

  • (PT) fiat argo com filme fotovoltaicos organico opv gerando energia limpa
  • (PT) onibus com paineis solares para geracao de energia limpa


In addition to the focus markets, Sunew also works with the development of various applications, such as: light floating structures for application in water reservoirs and hydroelectric power plant dams, off-grid solutions for poor and isolated regions that lack affordable energy solutions and electronics as electronic device chargers.GET TO KNOW OUR CASES


Due to its disruptive characteristics, OPV can offer solutions for various markets. There are many opportunities for capturing and generating energy and we realize all these possibilities. From strategic partnerships Sunew seeks to create new sustainable products that will help change the world.