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Itaú Skylight


The use of glass in buildings gives a modern and sophisticated design, but is not always the best for the people who live in it. As a result, Banco Itaú used the OPV solution for the academy area at its new headquarters in São Paulo.

Located in the Walther Moreira Sales Tower, the academy had a glass skylight that ended up warming the environment with the sunlight. Because of it, 60 panels of adhesive OPV were used to the glass to optimize the thermal comfort of the users.

By blocking about 90% of the UV rays and 75% of the IR rays, the OPV can promote the reduction of the use of air conditioning and control the luminosity of the environment, in addition to the generation of clean energy. All these benefits were possible with a very quick and simple installation, without the need for major interventions in the structure of the building.