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While electric cars are not accessible to everyone and with expectations such as the sale of 76.9 million vehicles in 2017¹, there is an urgency to think of more sustainable adaptations for the vehicles we use. Moreover, due to the competition in this sector, presenting a differential is indispensable.

Thinking about it, all Fiat Chrysler Automobiles teams are looking for innovation, but one in particular is dedicated to that goal. It is the department of Future Insights, created in 2014, next to the factory of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Future Insights initiatives include studies on urban mobility – Future of Cities, which mobilizes companies, specialists and civil society and third sector entities to study cities. The Girassol Project, in partnership with CSEM Brazil and Sunew, for example, develops research for the use of a photovoltaic system, that is, solar-powered, for the generation of electric energy. This energy feeds the battery and exhaust system of cars, being a solution less polluting and contributes to fuel economy.

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