• Urban Furniture


Sunew, the worldwide leader in Organic Photovoltaic Film (OPV) technology, and Hephaenergy, company specialized in IoT, united technologies and created SYNTZ, which simulates photosyntesis by transforming solar energy into the chemistry that motivates people around it. The urban furniture combines design and technology, creating a social space with music and lighting controlled by a mobile application. The product is ideal for installation in common areas such as living spaces of hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, rooftops, urban parks, convention centers etc.

Beyond electricity generation, the OPV absorbs UVA and UVB rays, reason why the shade created by the furniture generates better thermal comfort. SYNTZ also offers great acoustics, and the lighting and sound system are easily controlled by cell phones. Self-sufficient, the furniture also offers outlets to recharge gadgets. SYNTZ’s operational features, such as power generation, power consumption and USB connections, can be monitored by a support and maintenance center.