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TOTVS’ headquarters


TOTVS ‘new headquarters was fully planned to be as sustainable as possible, following the company’s new phase of innovation. Between the water reuse system and gardens on the roof, the new venture received the greenest technology: Organic Photovoltaics. In addition to composing the windows of the boardroom and creating a unique design for the building, the panels (also known as OPV) were used in the logo of the company which was able to also produce clean energy. Inovalli’s new headquarter is the first in Latin America to receive glass with this technology and is the building with the largest organic photovoltaic façade in the world, generating the greenest energy possible today. The new building follows the worldwide trend of Green Buildings, a concept increasingly present in cities that seeks to neutralize the carbon footprint of large urban centers. This new modality of buildings, besides doing good to the planet, also values ​​the property and provides points in green certifications.  

Project Numbers

200 m² of OPV installed Laminated glass More than 65 carbon neutral work positions 578 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year About 75% of thermal load avoided Approximately 95% of UV radiation retained Potential for LEED certification points   Rafael Cosentino, CEO of Inovalli, says: “Inovalli is a Bank of Ideas for the construction market and we are looking for new technologies because we believe that traditional ideas are not enough anymore. Following this concept, when we discovered the technology of OPV and SUNEW, we were excited about the results it could bring to the construction business or even its application for ready-made projects. SUNEW technology represents a new generation of “green” products that in addition to bringing benefits to the environment and generating sustainable economy, can align with design. “

  • fachada da sede totvs em sao paulo com filmes fotovoltaicos OPV