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Shopping da Bahia

The world’s first Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) installation in a shopping mall was completed at Shopping da Bahia (SDB), in Salvador. The unprecedented project is the result of a partnership between Aliansce Sonae, Brazil’s largest mall management company (SDB administrator), and Sunew, a Brazilian company that is the global leader in the manufacture of Organic Photovoltaic Films, which has adhered SUNEW FLEX™ to the entire skylight surface of the mall’s third floor.

The installation of SUNEW FLEX™ in the skylight of the largest shopping center in Bahia is capable of blocking approximately 99% of ultraviolet and 75% of infrared radiation. As a result, the material provides greater thermal comfort in the environment, substantial savings in the air conditioning system and brightness control, maintaining an ideal level of transparency.