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Sunew had the opportunity to carry out a major social action: generating clean energy for about 150 children at a school in Tanzania

Together with the help of local people, Sunew’s organic solar panels were installed at a Ngerengere River Eco Camp, a camp located in a remote community in Tanzania. Solar panels will be used to generate energy and power basic equipment such as lighting and Wi-Fi. OPV is an ideal solution for remote regions that lack infrastructure because they are light, flexible and quite resistant to transport.

Ngerengere River Eco Camp is a non-governmental organization operating in Lukwambe, a community located in Tanzania, and aims to develop three areas in the community: environmental sustainability, alternative sources of income and education. Coordinated by the local population, the project, besides promoting the sustainable development of the population, also encourages eco-tourism, a concept of travel that is based on the knowledge of the local culture without the degradation of the environment.

Another very important initiative of the project is the feeding of its students, who stay from 8am to 2pm at school and hardly have guaranteed meals at home. The expectation is that with more volunteers and donations the organization can benefit more than 3000 people in the Lukwambe community.

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