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After several field investigations with carriers throughout Brazil, Sunew realized that the dependence of the truck on the cabin turned out to be a nuisance in several situations. As, for example, in cases where low temperatures are required, the truck must be turned on to power the refrigeration system even when it is stopped. There are also cases of cargo theft impossible to track.

From this, Sunew has partnered with the company Transportadora Americana (TA) to make the semi-trailer perform essential functions without dependence on the cabin and in a sustainable way. The project aims to test the new technology in organic solar energy to achieve maximum performance in safety (GPS, exhaust system and safe door) and saving of battery and fuel.

In this way, the semi-trailer receives Organic Photovoltaic Films (OPV), capable of absorbing diffuse sunlight. The energy is converted by means of an electronic system, which distributes it to the necessary compartments.
“Unlike conventional structures, which need to be connected to the battery to ensure operation, the models with the technology of the film give the driver a safer, more comfortable and economical ride,” explains Sunew Business Development Director Filipe Ivo.

According to Celso Luchiari, director of TA, technology has a low cost in terms of benefits. “One of our operations requires safe carts with electronic locks. With this technology the energy supply happens independently to the cabin, avoiding setbacks such as door locking and loss of system configuration. We gain time and agility in the transfer processes. ”

The OPV technology is the only one suitable for this type of application, because it is flexible and not impacted by the movement of the vehicle on the roads. The other products available in the market, because of their rigid cells, can crack with friction. In addition, because of its light weight, the OPV adds less than 300g in the weight of the vehicle.

  • (PT) caminhao da transportadora americana com paineis fotovoltaicos
  • caminhao da transportadora americana com paineis fotovoltaicos