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With more than 80% of the population living on less than $ 2 a day and suffering an earthquake that destroyed the already precarious cities in 2011, Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America. Electricity and clean water are a distant reality for those living in these conditions. To improve the scenario of needy communities in the region, a technology developed in Belo Horizonte promises to bring electricity at a low cost to hundreds of families.

In addition to lighting solutions, organic solar panels can power computers, refrigerators for medicines, projects used in classrooms and even wi-fi transmission equipment. “We are developing something that could change the way we generate energy in the very near future. We are talking about a new concept: clean energy, with potential of very low cost and that can be integrated to practically everything. The potential is immeasurable, “said Tiago Alves, CEO of Sunew, the company responsible for the technology.

The equipment was taken to Haiti with donations made through the internet. The initiative comes through a partnership with the Italian Warka Water project, which carries drinking water to deserted and deprived areas such as some African countries. With a donation from the mining company, the NGO organized a workshop last month, calling on volunteers to help with the deployment of solar panels.

“Warka Water not only provides a vital resource for life, water, but also brings energy, education and a place of social interaction. We believe it can be a starting point for empowering communities and helping them build greater independence, “said its creator, Arturo Vittori.

The equipment consists of a tower made of bamboo or other material easily accessible in the region where it is assembled, which captures atmospheric water vapor and makes it suitable for consumption. And today he has come back with a mining innovation: the organic solar panels.

Warka Water’s production is low-cost and assembled in 10 days with the help of the community – the groups receive training on how to use it and the basics of environmental education and composting. In addition to the solar power plant, beneficiaries in Haiti will still receive a Wi-Fi hotspot in the tower, bringing energy and digital inclusion to places where this is still a rarity.

Know more about the Warka Water project here.

SOURCE: https://www.metrojornal.com.br/foco/2017/07/31/tecnologia-mineira-energia-haiti.html

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