Sunew | Células Fotovoltaicas Orgânicas (OPV)

The innovation of organic photovoltaic films – OPV

The sustainable solution for your business.

The OPV (Organic Photovoltaics) is the third generation of solar cells technology: through a totally sustainable production chain, the OPV is the greenest alternative of energy generation, allowing its integration in innovative architecture, construction, urban furniture and mobility projects.

OPV applied to skylight

Besides being organic, light, flexible, semitransparent, the OPV offers several benefits, such as:

  • Clean energy generation
  • Thermal load reduction in the environment
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Customizable in size, shape and color
  • Easy transportation and simple installation
  • Performance boost due to temperature increase
  • Best low light performance
  • Ideal for vertical and/or curved installations

Also: each square meter of the OPV avoids the emission of 120 Kg of CO2 per year.


Made of organic, non-toxic, recyclable and lab synthesized materials, the OPV is the most sustainable source for energy generation. Its production process has low energy demand and the lowest carbon footprint (10 to 20 times lower than traditional solar technologies).


Sunew's OPV uses a clean, renewable energy source: sunlight. Due to its positive temperature coefficient, the film's efficiency increases with the rise of the external temperature, furthermore, the OPV is capable of guaranteeing the best energy generation in environments with brightness up to 600x lower than direct sunlight.


Lightness, flexibility, customization and semi-transparency are some of the characteristics that make organic photovoltaic cells (OPV) a highly applicable and humanized technology. It is capable of adapting to most environments in a way that traditional solutions can not.

Sunew's Products

Sunew FLEX™

Sunew FLEX™

The lightest technology for solar power generation: 70Wp / kg, and its mechanical installation resembles the application of adhesive films. Therefore, it can be applied in a wide range of surfaces (even curved and vertical ones), without affecting its functionality.

Sunew GLASS™

Sunew GLASS™

Sunew GLASS™ can either be laminated or insulated in glass and easy integrated into the design of a building, providing a unique combination of attractive aesthetics, effective daylighting, transparency, superior thermal performance and high power density.

Sunew LIGHT™

Sunew LIGHT™

Sunew LIGHT™ provides an improved solar panel system arrangement capable of increasing efficiency and energy generation. Its coated barrier protection also enables an enhanced operation lifetime. Ideal for sightless facades, roofs, lightweight structures, vehicles, and more.