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Building a dream: secure the future


The company was created with the mindset of revolutionizing the energy consumption and production paradigm, building a better world for next generations with the “greenest energy everywhere”.
From the union of different nationalities, experienced executives, scientists and renowned investors, the company built an innovative, continuous and highly scalable industrial production process, an eco-friendly business committed to a sustainable future.


  • (PT) profissional manipula filme fotovoltaicos organico tambem conhecido como OPV
  • (PT) profissional faz analise do OPV em simulador solar
  • profissionais caminham por laboratorio proximos a maquina de impressao de filmes fotovoltaicos
  • profissionais manipulam filme OPV em laboratorio com maquina ao fundo

2005 – Executives of Fir Capital meet CSEM S.A. (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) and decide to bring the concept of this applied research center to Brazil .

CSEM Brazil, a joint venture between FIR Capital and CSEM Switzerland, is born, focused on creating new products and developing research for innovative solutions.

CSEM Brazil starts its operations.

The research and development of Organic Photovoltaics technology begins, counting on specialists in the field and 18 nationalities.

Roll-to-roll printing equipment developed by the CSEM Brazil team, manufactured in Germany, is brought to Belo Horizonte for installation and initial testing.

Sunew, the spin-off responsible for the large-scale manufacture and commercialization of Organic Photovoltaic Films (OPV), is established with the largest and most modern production structure in the world.

profisisonal em laboratorio proximo a maquina de impressao de filmes fotovoltaicos opv

SUNEW produces and delivers the largest OPV installation in the world at Totvs headquarters in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.


“Access to cheap energy which benefits the planet, thats what OPV can provide [...]”André Barrence, CEO - Google Campus SP
" We have a wider range of possibilities in comparison with traditional technologies.”Josie Romero, VP – Natura
" As we increasingly use and develop OPV, we find many other applications where only this technology could deliver energy.”Irecê Kauss, Superintendente – BNDES
''SUNEW is amazing because its not only developing something for renewable energy but also the way how to do it."Erika Gyoervary, Director - CSEM Switzerland
"OPV is a young technology, and I'm really amazed how SUNEW brought this technology in application in very short term."Thomas Kietzke, VP - MERCK
" SUNEW technology represents a new generation of "green" products that in addition to bringing benefits to the environment and generating sustainable economy, have the ability to align with design”Rafael Cosentino, CEO -Inovalli Real Estate
" OPV technology was the only one that was able to align with the design of our products”Fábio Massochini, Director - Metalco do Brasil


Tiago AlvesCEO
Filipe IvoDirector of Business Development
Vinícius ZanchinProduction Manager
Maria Fernanda OliveiraPMO
Álvaro LeiteAdministrative and Financial Manager
Felipe ReisProduct Development Manager

Board Members:

David TravessoFir Capital
Guilherme EmrichFir Capital
Walfrido ÁvilaTradener
Tiago AlvesSUNEW


(PT) TOP 10 Energy - 100 Open Startups

(PT) 2018

Startup Energy Transition Award


100 mais influentes da energia


Prêmio ECO Brasil 35 anos


Prêmio Bom exemplo




Sustainability from conception:

Sunew is the world leader in the manufacture of Organic Photovoltaic (OPV), with an installed production capacity of 600,000 m² per year.

The developed production method is continuous and highly scalable. The materials used are organic, abundant in nature and non-toxic in a roll-to-roll printing process similar to the textile or graphic industry. Also, it requires low temperatures and therefore low energy demand. OPV is the greenest energy available and Sunew is at the forefront of technology for its manufacture and delivery to the market. Get to know our production process.