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About Sunew

Sunew was created in 2015 with the mindset to revolutionize the energy consumption and production paradigm, building a better world for the next generations with the greenest energy present everywhere.

Sunew is a world leader in organic photovoltaic technology (OPV), with the largest facilities deployed worldwide. After years of research and development, Sunew has built an innovative, continuous and highly scalable industrial production process.

Our revolutionary technology is developed by a passionate multicultural team, with a strong technical and business background. We have access to a unique global network of experiences, made up of leading industrial companies, energy traders and research institutes.

We have an eco-friendly business, committed to building a sustainable future. We work to positively impact the environment and the community, which is why Sunew was born as a certified B Company.

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Executives from Fir Capital, one of the first venture capital funds in Brazil, know CSEM SA (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) and decide to bring the concept of the applied research center to Brazil.

CSEM Brasil is born, a joint venture between FIR Capital and CSEM Switzerland, with a focus on creating new products and developing research for innovative solutions.

Operations at CSEM Brasil begin and studies of printed organic electronics focused on the energy market.

The line of research on organic photovoltaic technology (OPV) gained prominence as it fits perfectly with all points of transformative purpose and technological development, and then the largest investment in the world for OPV at the time was raised, together with the BNDES.

Renowned researchers from around the world and winners of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry were attracted by the project, which created a team composed of about 19 different nationalities.

The roll-to-roll printing equipment developed by the CSEM Brasil team, manufactured in Germany, is brought to Belo Horizonte for installation and first printing tests on an industrial scale.

Research already refined and developed becomes a product. Sunew is born, spin-off responsible for the manufacture and large-scale commercialization of Organic Photovoltaic Films (OPV), with the largest and most modern production structure in the world.

Sunew produces and delivers the world’s first glass facade OPV installation at TOTVS headquarters in the city of São Paulo.

Launch of the OPTree ™ solar tree, with installations at the Museum of Tomorrow and Rock in Rio, creating meeting points with innovative design and clean energy for the public to recharge their smartphones.

Sunew wins 5th place in the 100 Open Startups, which annually highlights the most attractive startups for the corporate market and the leading companies most engaged in the innovation ecosystem. With the expansion of the company’s operations, Sunew opens an office in San Francisco, in the United States.

With the delivery of the largest installation of organic photovoltaic films in the world at Natura’s headquarters, the largest glass facade with integrated OPV in the world in a CAOA building, and other major projects, Sunew becomes the company that owns 9 of the 10 largest OPV facilities on the planet.

Sunew was positioned by B Corporation among the 10% of B Companies that most protect the environment in the world, receiving the Best For The World 2019 seal. In the same year, the company is certified by Great Place to Work, being recognized for having a excellent working environment.

Sunew was identified by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies capable of changing the world. The award occurs with the “World Changing Ideas Awards” program in which companies focused on the social good are evaluated, with products and concepts that make the world a better place to live.

Innovative and Sustainable Technology

OPV is the third generation of solar cell technology: through a totally sustainable production, OPV is the greenest alternative for energy generation, allowing its integration in innovative and high quality architectural projects.

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Company B is the organization certified for generating personal, institutional and legal impact by proposing changes in the world solving social and environmental problems. Sunew's product and production chain has the smallest carbon footprint in the industry, and the purpose and ability to bring clean energy everywhere transforms lives and helps preserve the environment. Thus, Sunew was born as a certified Company B.

Empresa Certificada


“OPV technology has the least possible impact, dialogues with our values and reflects our commitment to sustainability, especially in combating climate change.”

Josie Peressinoto Romero

Vice President of Operations and Logistics

"The project with Sunew is the first step in this partnership that will still bear much fruit for everyone and the environment."

Alexandre Capelli

Product Engineering and Innovation Manager

“PepsiCo is committed to making its logistics chain increasingly sustainable. The project in partnership with Sunew aims to contribute to mitigate our CO2 emissions in the environment, with a global target of 20% reduction by 2030”.

Eduardo Sacchi

Senior Supply Chain Director

"Consumers increasingly demand an active role and concrete actions by companies in favor of sustainability and now we are showing this increase more."

Antonio Carvalho

Maintenance Manager

“We developed Syntz in a strategic partnership with Sunew, which supplies us with organic photovoltaic films and with whom we constantly exchange information about applicability, possibilities and alternatives for innovation”.

Eduardo Sacchi




Tiago AlvesCEO
Filipe IvoDirector of Business Development
Diego MoreiraOperations & Client Success Director
Vinícius ZanchinProduction Manager
Álvaro LeiteAdministrative and Financial Manager
Felipe ReisProduct Development Manager
Jorge IdalinoProduction Manager


David TravessoFir Capital
Guilherme EmrichFir Capital
Walfrido ÁvilaTradener
Tiago AlvesSUNEW


Under the seal of Sunew, the community brings together good companies for the sake of sustainability. By purchasing an OPTree, urban furniture that adds design and energy, members commit to invest in practices that preserve the environment.

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